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PMD ☆ Screenwriter ☆ Award-Winning Author ☆ Professional Speaker ☆ All Connections Welcome!

Toronto, Canada Area
  1. PMD-FOR-HIRE | Audience Engagement Services for Independent Feature Film and Documentary
  1. McGill University
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PMD-FOR-HIRE | Audience Engagement Services for Independent Feature Film and Documentary

PMD-FOR-HIRE | Audience Engagement Services for Independent Feature Film and Documentary

PMD/Producer of Marketing and Distribution




PMD-For-Hire ( is a full-service, full-time, 6-days/week film marketing and distribution shop.

I serve the needs of indie documentary and features clients, working intimately with production crews on a strictly embedded basis as part of a minimum 3-month introductory commitment -- or longer -- to help get projects needed audience traction and off the ground.

The overall aim of the service is to help filmmakers brand their films accordingly.

I harp on the need to develop sound traditional marketing, blogging, and social media evangelism techniques -- among a dozen others -- to painstakingly replicate in "micro-version" what the studios devote hundreds of thousands -- millions, even -- of dollars to.

My techniques are custom-designed to inculcate solid habits from the get-go for filmmakers who are deathly serious about their long-term career prospects and who also wish to harness the boundless power of the newly-democratized filmmaking milieu in true DIY/DIWO-style.

The point of the exercise is to get filmmakers generating a steady cash flow from their work so they can continue to shoot films.

While every project's ultimate marketing and distribution goals are indeed different, demanding bespoke approaches each time out after a critical evaluation of a project's current marketing assets and personnel, the methodologies I leverage are similar depending upon which stage of the production process I'm parachuted into.

The techniques I employ are varied, yet standardized because they work.


PMD/Producer of Marketing and Distribution

PMD-FOR-HIRE | Audience Engagement Services for Independent Feature Film and Documentary
– Present (5 years)Toronto, Canada

Jon Reiss -- in his best-selling indie film marketing and distribution primer, Think Outside the Box Office ( coined the term PMD/Producer of Marketing and Distribution to reflect the growing need to recruit a single above-the-line production staff member tasked with the exclusive marketing and distribution duties for your independent film.

Since 2007, the means by which indie films have been marketed and sold has undergone a sea change. The advent of social networks, the DIY Movement (not to mention the entire Do It With Others/Do It For Yourself movements), and the fact that more than 16,000 films (!!!) are produced and shot annually compounds the process of getting your film seen, supported by an audience, and ultimately sold.

It's at this point where the PMD steps in...

The PMD is the lone production staff member who joins the film way before pre-production to help craft the marketing and distribution plans for a film, from concept until long after post-production. S/he remains behind on a film for the better part of almost two years, working on only one or (at maximum) two projects per year. Loyalty is their credo. Razor-sharp focus is their technique

Long after the remainder of the production staff has gone off onto their other projects, the PMD lingers behind, growing a dedicated audience for the film, taking point on the film's DVD and merchandise sales, and maximizing revenue for the filmmakers while running the film like a business, not just a piece of art.



McGill University

Bachelor of Commerce, entrepreneurship, IT, international business


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